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Are Seeking to Adopt? Are you Pregnant?

Hello! We are Jade and Chris.

Thank you for clicking our link and taking the time to look through our page.  We would first like to express our admiration to you for the incredibly tough decision you are making for your baby. We know that our website does not tell you our entire life story, but we want to show you what is important to us so you can see the love we would give to your baby.  We are happy to give you a glimpse of what our life together is like. 

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About Us

We’ve been married for eight years and have known each other for more than ten. We actually met on an online dating site. Jade was living in Ontario, Canada and Chris in New Jersey. It began with messages and quickly escalated to long drives and cheap flights every other weekend. All those 8-hour drives, delayed flights, and late-night phone calls weren’t the easiest way to start a relationship, but they made us who we are: two deeply connected people who will give everything we have to move heaven and earth for each other. We’ve brought that spirit to making our family.

After three years of marriage, we welcomed our son (now 5 years old). He is sweet, thoughtful, protective and playful. We’re pretty sure he’s going to be an amazing big brother. He can’t wait to teach his new sibling how to flag down the ice cream truck. We also have a cuddly, small dog who is wonderful with children.

Jade is a loving aunt, daughter, friend and mom who for years worked as a Director for Not for Profit organizations. She left that career in 2013 and is now a Yoga Instructor and Childbirth Educator.  She’s passionate about women receiving the care and love they need during pregnancy. Chris is a Creative Director working in Marketing and Advertising. Both of us have very flexible hours to spend much quality time with your child. We’ve rarely even used a babysitter and when we have, it’s been grandma!

Our Home:

We live in a lovely house on a street that’s nestled below a large nature reservation full of trails and scenic views of New York City. We have a great treehouse, lots of flowers and a veggie garden. We have a cozy new playroom in our basement and enough bedrooms for everyone. Our street is full of a diverse array of people, but the ones you notice right away are the many neighborhood kids playing in the yards.  It is incredibly safe and has some of the most highly rated schools in the area. Jade loves making our home feel like a special space. Of utmost importance to her after moving in was finding just the right “snuggle chair.” Mission accomplished. Spending time in it on weekend mornings is often the highlight of our week. There’s plenty of room in the snuggle chair, and we can’t wait to snuggle our newest addition in it!


We truly hope that you are getting the support that you need during your pregnancy. We realize that this is a enormous decision.  We thank you for your selflessness and for even considering us to be your child’s adoptive parents.  We wish you strength and love in your journey to finding the right person/persons to adopt your child.  If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.


Please enjoy these photos of Jade & Chris


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Please feel free to message us questions and we will response with video responses in this section.  Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The below FAQS are not legal advice but merely offered as suggestion points to discuss with qualified adoption professionals.  No legal advice is conferred or intended.

Here’s one way:

(1) Call Adam at 800-790-5260 and Complete Health Background Forms;

(2) Meet the Family; and

(3) Transfer Custody and Execute Termination Paperwork.

Yes. Adoption is available for any age from newborn to older to much older.

Generally speaking, yes. It is common for the family adopting the child to cover the expenses involved.

Call Adam at 1-800-790-5260, complete health background forms, and talk with a family to decide if they’re the right fit for you and your baby.

No. Birth parents do not get paid, ever. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible for the biological mother to receive financial assistance towards her living expenses. These funds are not payments. They are funds to provide assistance for food, clothing, shelter, medications, etc. and reported and closely monitored by the Court.

The answer to this question is dependent on the facts of each particular case. There are lots of questions to ask, some are: Are you married? Has the father supported you or the baby? Was the conception the result of a rape? It is important to discuss this with an attorney as quickly as possible.